Career Options post test 1

  • This post test is to establish whether things like dot points, formatting etc. work in the old COML framework
  • I'd love to think that this would work better than the old editor
  • These dot points look as if they might actually be working - but what about a sub-dot point??
    • Whoopee!
    • And whoopee again!
  • Back to business, though, with a standard 'return to dot point style
  • Can this last?!
  • Job profile for a review toxocologist working for a government food safety agency, offering a helpful insider's view on the nature of the work, the skills needed and the pros and cons of the transition from academic lab work. An interesting final caveat, too, about the potential risks of getting further training and qualifications before entering a new field of employment.

  1. A short outline of the role of a Scientific Program Analyst/grant program administrator at a translational sciences centre, and a more detailed piece on the position of Health Science Analyst at the National Cancer Institute focusing on evaluation of the program portfolio, program coordination and strategic planning.

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