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Good career training and mentoring are essential for all early career researchers – but they can be very hard to find. Our training organisation provides comprehensive, balanced advice with practical tools, all delivered in a way that suits the time-poor. It’s the support I wish I'd had when I started as a researcher!"

Dr Kerstin Fritsches, Founder and Head Coach, PostdocTraining

Institutes that have engaged PostdocTraining to train their researchers include:

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What participants say - Postdoc Career Success Program

“This was a really great program and I think the postdoc training team did an amazing job developing both useful and basic tools. From my mastermind group I can see how helpful the class has been to people at all levels of postdoc career development.”

“...I can tell you that I am very happy with the postdoctraining program! ... Now that I follow your program I get more aware of how important are things like career planning, time management, networking and so on... It gives me a sense of purpose and the best is that I see the results! This year I am a happier and a more successful researcher. Thank you again!”

“Kerstin provides excellent and inspiring advice on career development for postdocs. More specifically, the postdoc-training classes and mentoring calls have helped me clearly define short and long-term career aims and make a plan on how to improve my chances of reaching them. I can highly recommend the postdoc-training program.”

What participants say - Take Charge of Your Career workshops

“Well paced, pitched at exactly the right level, the presenter was engaging and a highly skilled facilitator. I learnt so many strategies that I will put into practice - very practical and a good investment of my time. Good mixture of teaching, group work and whole group discussion.”

“Today was a real motivation to start investigating my options and most importantly, my wishes. I think all postdocs could benefit from a day like this.”