Free Resources for Research Managers,
Postdocs and PhD students

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Free Resources for Research Managers

PostdocTraining's research managers news update

Our News Update for Research Managers curates news items and interesting articles around managing research and early career researchers.

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Free Resources for Postdocs and PhD students

Image of the free report for postdocs by PostdocTraining

Free report '7 Keys for Postdocs: the Essentials for Taking Control of Your Future'. The resource includes a guided self-assessment and a short complimentary email-based training course.

Click here to access the free report and guided-self-assessment.

Early career researchers sitting in a hammock with computer reading blog

Read our blog to learn more about essential career skills for PhD candidates, postdocs and other early career researchers. Topics cover areas such as strategic career planning, building your independence as a researcher, stress management and finding good mentors. 

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