Training in career planning for PhD students:
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Why plan your career?

A well-informed career plan is central to your motivation, speed of progress and long-term success.

As a PhD student thinking about your future, you already know about the intense competition for positions inside academic research. Outside academia, the best roles for you - whether in industry, government or the not-for-profit sector - will be just as hotly contested.

To secure the best roles and succeed in them you need to know your options and plan your preferred destinations early. You also need to make choices that leverage your strongest abilities and personal priorities.

What the programme offers

Career Control for Researchers will take you step-by-step through creating a practical, achievable career plan that aligns precisely with your professional strengths and personal motivators and preferences. You can register your interest below. The next course cycle is the last in the current series at LU.

Whether you do not yet know your preferred path or are looking for the best way to reach a goal you have already picked, the programme will equip you to plan and prioritise your efforts, and pursue your choices with confidence.

Programme components

  • 4 online modules, one published every two weeks in a choice of formats, with tools and exercises to identify your strengths, drivers and preferences, and create your career plan (max. commitment 2 hours per module). The training can be undertaken at times that suit you.
  • Live webinars (max. 1 hour) in weeks 4 and 6 of the programme; your opportunity to ask questions about planning and putting your priorities into action, and to hear from other PhD students about dealing with their challenges.
  • A special live training session on transferrable skills: what are these skills, which are most important to your career and how do you demonstrate them?
  • Career Options Masterlist: access to an extensive database containing case studies of people with research backgrounds discussing their transitions, their daily work and the skills they use.
  • 'Buddy' system: the option of being matched with a fellow LU PhD student to talk with, as a sounding board for the ideas you develop during the programme.
  • Private LinkedIn forum: the option of joining a career development forum exclusively for trainees, moderated by PostdocTraining.


Doctoral students at Lund University (in 'LADOK') in any discipline who have not yet been awarded their PhD may apply.

Dates for the next available programme

12 April to 4 June 2021 (8 weeks). The live webinar sessions will be held on 4 & 18 May and 1 June, at noon. Successful applicants will be advised direct by the University.

LU is sponsoring the programme centrally and it will be free of charge to students who are successful in securing a place, and their departments.

Register your interest

If this training seems right for you and you can commit the time required, please use the button below to access more information and register your interest by 1 April 2021.

What LU participants say

"Your course was fantastic, it helped me so much at a moment when I was totally puzzled about what to do next."

"There is so much pressure on PhD students to achieve and produce science... that you sometimes forget what it is you want to become in the long run and what you prefer to work with. By taking this course, it helps you take an extra step towards a successful career and hopefully a more happy self."

“It is really close to reality of PhD or Postdoc’s status. […] I think this career training well understands the PhD and Postdoc situations, and with professional view of points. I would strongly recommend this training to other students.”

"It allows one to be much more strategic about the choices one makes during the studies. And it can make you look up/notice options that you might have missed otherwise."

“I would recommend this program to all PhD students regardless how motivated they feel because knowing what you want and what others felt in the same situation made me feel I am not that crazy.”