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Building a successful research career is complex and demanding. This is exacerbated by the fact that the necessary career skills are often not taught during the PhD journey. This blog aims to give you ideas and strategies to help with your postdoc journey.

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There is an awful lot to finding a job.Creating the right networks and connections; getting the attention of potential employers; and presenting yourself in the best possible light with your ... Continue Reading

Jumpstart: Find the Right Postdoc Job for You

Collaboration is the big buzzword in research at the moment and in theory the benefits are clear: your name on more papers, you learn from other groups and you expand ... Continue Reading

How to Develop Great Collaborations as a Postdoc

Becoming an independent researcher is the essential step on your path to an academic research career, but how do you get there from a postdoc position? How do you develop ... Continue Reading

4 Steps to Independence as a Postdocs

Do you have sleepless nights worrying about experiments not working and your contract finishing soon? Do you feel that tightening in the stomach because you have an unresolved conflict at ... Continue Reading

Stressed Out? How to Deal with Stress as a Postdoc

Isolation and lack of information is one of the biggest challenges for many postdocs. A research career is tremendously complex with many different possible paths to take. On top of ... Continue Reading

How to Use Your Network as a Postdoc: Informational Interviews

‘The disposable Academic. Why a PhD is often a waste of time’ (the Economist, 18th June 2012)‘US pushes for scientists, but the jobs aren’t there’ (Washington Post, 7th July 2012) ... Continue Reading

What are My Career Options as a Postdoc?

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas and New Year where work usually slows or stops for a little while so you can take stock of what happened ... Continue Reading

Career Planning for Postdocs for 2013 and Beyond

I had a bad start to the week last week. Bad in the sense that I was falling way short of what I wanted to achieve in the first three ... Continue Reading

A Productivity Tip for Postdocs

Whether you are looking for a job, a new collaboration, mentors or anything else to do with people, you have first to meet the right contacts and make a connection ... Continue Reading

Networking Essentials for Postdocs

If you are early in your career you might not feel much like a leader yet. But the chances are you already supervise students and other team members within your ... Continue Reading

Getting on Well with the Other Cats: Leadership for Postdocs