'Are you a researcher wanting personal and professional support and seeking more career certainty?'

Dear Researcher,

Would you jump at the chance of taking control of your future and getting practical help to secure a stable career - one that rewards your experience and the efforts you've put into research?

Introducing Postdoc Career Success

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Imagine: a rewarding career and peace of mind...



... Worried about a position coming to an end or making job decisions that damage your chances of continuing in research?

    Use a proven method of finding positions and a career that fit your priorities and your strengths

... Stressed about your job prospects and depressing academic research employment statistics?

      Secure peace of mind, practical support to help you compete, plus confidence and the skills to be in demand in any career you choose

... Isolated and having trouble finding good advice about your career options inside and outside academia?

    Access open-minded, experienced mentors whose only aim is to help you choose and pursue a career you'll cherish

... Frustrated by a lack of guidance on how to master your demanding job, work more effectively and achieve your full potential?

    Access step-by-step advice and training that will make your postdoc years easier, more productive and focused, and set you up to excel

... Short of time and struggling to balance competing priorities?

    Learn how to make more of your time and energy with a program focused on your priorities that doesn't take you 'off task'

... Disappointed by generic training you've had in the past that just hasn't worked in practice?

    Benefit from proven tools, experience and advice specific to your situation, to give yourself maximum advantage.

Who are we?

PostdocTraining is an independent, private company specialising in professional development support for researchers. We offer a unique combination of online, on-demand training and face-to-face tuition, advice and mentoring.

We work with both individuals and institutions worldwide to introduce essential skills and tools for early career researchers to apply immediately in their work, irrespective of their research discipline. The researchers we work with span many different countries and cultures.

We aim to build clarity, capability and confidence quickly, and give postdocs the best possible chance of living highly successful careers that reflect their own strengths and preferences.

PostdocTraining career planning workshop in Melbourne, Australia. You can access our training and career support online anywhere in the world.