'Do you want help to achieve maximum success as a postdoc and secure the career you deserve?'

Lack of job security and uncertain direction are unwelcome facts of postdoc life. Combined with fierce competition, tight funding and the demands of research work, they are a recipe for anxiety and frustration that rarely get the attention they need.

There is another way to be a postdoc - and our Special Report will help you find it.

We are an independent professional development organisation specialising exclusively in early career researchers. We have distilled our experience of postdoc needs into a brief report, '7 Keys for Postdocs: the Essentials for Taking Control of Your Future'.

The report is about how to assert your own priorities, make postdoc positions more enjoyable and productive, and build highly successful careers from exactly your situation. We include a guided self-assessment so you can check how well positioned you are in relation to each of the '7 Keys'.

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'How would it feel to get real clarity, confidence and control over your career?'

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Kerstin Fritsches Founder and Head Trainer, PostdocTraining

As a former postdoc myself I’ve seen the problems that can occur when postdocs working flat out on research are expected to build their careers with next-to-no help or guidance. I've met so many postdocs who deserve to be supported in their jobs and developing their careers, but miss out - so I hope our ‘7 Keys’ report will make a real difference to your own career success."